Meet Karri

Professional Relaxation Therapist

Karri Sonke is a Professional Relaxation Therapist located in Ontario, Canada.  She has studied Relaxation Therapy, Meditation and Aromatherapy with the Natural Health Institute.  She is also a Reiki Practitioner, a ThetaHealer® and is a Certified Access Bars® Facilitator.  Karri is a Reflexologist specializing in foot reflexology and is registered with the Ontario College of Reflexology.

Raised in Kingsville, Ontario, Karri studied Environmental Science & Geography with a specialization in Arctic Studies at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay.  After finishing her undergrad, Karri proceeded to graduate with distinction from Sault College with a post-degree certificate as a Geographic Information Systems Applications Specialist.  She went on to have a very successful career that spanned nearly fifteen years working at the provincial and municipal government level in the areas of Fire Management, Forestry, Land Use Planning, GIS, Information Technology, Project Management and Business Analysis.  During this time Karri also worked towards a Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from the University of Western Ontario.  

In 2016, Karri experienced a life-changing health crisis that led to the realization that she needed to make huge life changes - in all areas - physically, mentally, spiritually, professionally.  Karri realized she was an extremely burnt-out woman who was working in a toxic environment.  No matter what she tried to do, everyone around her seemed to be telling her she wasn't good enough.  Yet all she ever did was work harder and harder to please everyone.... except herself.  This is when Karri discovered Yoga Nidra and meditation, many alternative therapies, quantum work and met some amazingly loving human beings that helped her change the trajectory of her life.   

In 2018, Karri decided to leave her long and successful career and pursue her goal of finding peace within herself and in her life.  She has since started to absorb any and all teachings from everyone around her.  She is so excited to share with you everything that she has learned, and continues to learn, so that you too may find peace.